My First Blog Post

“She wins who calls herself beautiful and challenges the world to change to truly see her.”

Naomi Wolf, from The Beauty Myth

I was inspired to create a beauty blog for those with sensitive skin prone to redness and irritation as it can be a nightmare trying to navigate the many treatments available. I have had some interesting reactions to some procedures (in particular laser skin treatments)over the years so if my advice can help you to avoid an adverse reaction or if you have any questions, I would be more than happy to share my experiences with you and hopefully steer you onto the path of beautiful and glowing forever skin.
I believe gorgeous skin should be attainable for everyone and utilising cosmetic procedures and addressing all underlying foundational beauty blocks and obstacles of which I have had many.

I’m looking forward to sharing my journey with you in the hope that you too can achieve best version of the skin we are in.

Let’s dive in, shall we?


I’m having my treatment at Evolution Laser – Sydney City in Piccadilly with Maxine who is an absolute beauty guru. She has a solution to every single skin and beauty problem you could possible ever think of and I trust her implicitly for all my beauty needs… She is my GO TO. For EVERYTHING! 

Fat Freezing uses advanced cooling technology to selectively target and eliminate fat cells, without harming the surrounding tissues.

• During a Fat Freezing treatment, a gel pad and applicator is applied to the treatment area. Controlled cooling is safely delivered to the targeted fat.

• The fat cells are frozen at a temp between 0℃ to -11℃ depending on the amount of fat. When the fat cells are frozen to the point of damage they dissolve and never come back.

• Once the treated fat cells are crystalized, over the next 3-12 weeks they are naturally processed and eliminated by the body’s lymphatic system.

Preparation Is Key 

There are a few things you need to do both before, and immediately after your treatment. For starters, you need to give up alcohol for an entire 24 hours and abstain from caffeine for 2 hours both pre and post treatment, It’s also recommended that you up your water intake to two litres, to ensure you’re flushing out your lymphatic system. I personally drink at least 5 litres of water a day so I’m all good. 


It is important to note that you will not lose weight… expect to lose excess fat – your results will be better proportions at your current weight, and inches lost in circumference or potentially a 1-2 size reduction in your normal clothes size. Always remember that muscle weighs more than fat. When you’re shedding 25 percent of fat in a handful of tissue, it won’t add up to much on the scale, but when you lose the excess fat that you can grab that creates muffin tops love handles and the unsightly bulge over the top of your pants or your bra it creates a more streamlined look. 

My Results 

I’m told it can often takes a few treatments to achieve optimum results but I measured my right thigh BEFORE TREATMENT at 20.5 inches and left thigh at 21 inches and 24 hrs later I have lost an inch on both thighs.

My lower stomach/hip and love handles measured at 32 inches and I have lost 2 inches, 24 hrs later!  What will happen eventually is an up to 25 percent fat reduction in a treatment area. 

The 45 min treatment (on each side) was much like a cold vacuum relatively painless. The feeling is of suction and cooling- I could sit comfortably and continue to do my emails for the duration… 

In Conclusion

Totally worth it. 

I’m looking forward to seeing results over the following weeks and will keep you updated! 

Evolution Laser is running a special at the moment for $299 per area…. reduced from $490! Or Prepay 3 Sessions for $990. 

Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex

Dermal Repair Complex is a natural supplement that addresses the root causes of aging. Powerful all-natural ingredients work together to increase skin’s firmness, smoothness, and youthful glow from the inside out.

  • Targets the hormonal imbalances that cause visible aging
  • Reduces the appearance of sagging or drooping
  • Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and dullness
  • Protects and enhances skin elasticity
  • Improves strength and quality of hair and nails

I ordered Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex online around 4 months ago after seeing this product advertised on Facebook. The in depth information and 5 star reviews not to mention the science and research behind the product had me convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that this would work for me. So much information was included that I was left with no questions whatsoever. All the facts made sense based on what I already knew and had experienced.

I was vaguely aware in the back of my mind that potentially was I falling for a carefully cultivated marketing or publicity stunt but nonetheless I went ahead and made the purchase. Wow, Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex you really exceeded my expectations…I can tell you after 3-4 weeks of using this product I noticed an improvement in the hydration of my skin and 6-8 weeks later the texture appears more refined and 12-14 weeks later I have a definite glow. 

But there was something else that has happened as a result of taking this supplement that is very interesting… 

My entire life I have suffered incredibly painful periods sometimes to the point of passing out from the pain. After just one month of taking BHMD Dermal Repair Complex I kid you not, my period pain has resolved to the point that I have only taken 2 Panadol at the start of my period for the past 3 months. I have not done anything different in my routine except begin using this product. It’s baffling to me. Is it the Saw Palmetto? Is it the Wild Yam? The combination of both? At the very least this is an indication that the supplements in Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex are effective for sure! 

I recommend reading the testimonials for this product and gaining an insight into the powerful combo of all natural ingredients that has not only made an impact on my skin but on my overall health as well! 

Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex is an all-natural dietary supplement that works to refresh and revitalize skin from the inside out. Six advanced ingredients work together to stop the skin breakdown that comes with age, resulting in a dramatically younger, healthier look.

  • Saw Palmetto: Helps reduce the visible effects of skin-destroying DHT, to preserve and reinforce skin’s youthful elasticity.
  • MSM: Helps naturally strengthen collagen strands from deep inside skin for a firmer, more toned look.
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen: Bioavailable collagen provides skin with the amino acids it needs.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Deeply moisturizes skin from the inside out, for optimal moisture, softness, and plumping.
  • Vitamin B: Helps increase cell turnover for a constantly renewed and energized complexion.
  • Vitamin A: A potent antioxidant that renews skin over time while fighting environmental aging factors to help you maintain your new, youthful look.

I highly recommend this supplement.

I have just ordered Beverly Hills MD Moisture Matrix Hydragel Eyemasks and am excited to review this product as soon as my order arrives…

The Ultimate Beauty Survival Guide for Sensitive and Reactive Skin

My experience with facial skin treatments has been somewhat touch and go. After having some good results with Laser Genesis and LED light therapy including Omnilux White Light and Red Light and more recently Yellow Light (healing)I’ve decided to experiment with other Laser Treatments focusing on addressing redness, an increase in collagen and promoting cell renewal and refined texture.

PicoWay Resolve Laser 

What is PicoWay? It’s the latest and most advanced laser solution for not only getting rid of permanent tattoos but also targeting skin irregularities and the unwanted signs of aging. This advanced technology uses the shortest laser pulse picoseconds (one trillionth of a second) to break down benign pigmentation and minor imperfections.

The laser handpiece is used to target at a problem area of the skin in ultrashort picosecond pulses. It can shatter pigment into minuscule particles that can easily be eliminated by the body’s natural process. Or use it to reach the surface of the skin to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin for younger-looking skin. As this treatment emits less heat energy than your traditional lasers, it provides a much more comfortable treatment and no lengthy recovery.

My Concerns

I have very sensitive and unpredictable skin and am prone to redness and dryness so I am looking to promote new and a more refined textured and overall hydrated appearance. I am also on a constant mission to prevent and or halt aging and stimulate collagen production. 

The Treatment – November 2019

Maxine at Evolution Laser is truly a superstar. I highly recommend her as a laser technician and overall beauty guru. 

Maxine is aware of my sensitive, unpredictable skin as I have had hydradermabrasion treatment with her before so I am extremely confident that I am in safe hands. 

The Picoway treatment involves short laser pulses and Maxine ‘zapped’ my face twice over with a medium intensity light pulse and then upped the intensity for another two rounds. I feel no discomfort or pain at all just a vaguely warm sensation. Maxine checked in with me every few minutes to gauge my pain levels and make sure I am comfortable. 

Overall the treatment was fairly relaxing and painless.  

After treatment I also had a yellow LED light treatment added on to promote further healing and optimum results. 


After the Picoway Resolve treatment, the skin needs to regenerate so it can take up to four weeks to see optimum results. 

It is very important to use SPF 30-50+ sunscreen immediately after and to avoid the sun as much as possible for a few weeks following your treatment. 

I however drove home in broad daylight on a particularly sunny day and as a consequence I did have some redness for 2-3 days after my treatment which is not typical. As the redness was concentrated mainly on my drivers side of my face it is logical to assume this was caused by sun sensitivity. After around 3 days the  redness resolved. 

Two weeks later and my skin has exceeded my expectations the pores seem smaller the texture has refined and I am more glowing and radiant each day. I highly recommend Picoway Resolve am looking forward to my next treatment in 4-6 weeks.